Smart Home Automation

Smart Lighting

Automated lighting systems can be used as a security element within the home. Sensors can detect your arrival, illuminate your way to the front door and turn on a porch light for safety. 

You can coordinate your home’s lights with your security system. When armed, only a few key lights may stay lit, while unarmed, you may choose to light only the rooms in use. 

For children, automated lighting systems can be ideal for subtly illuminating stairways, corners and bathrooms at night. 

For seniors having a difficult time moving around the home, having key areas pre-lit on an automated system can help.

For the design-forward homeowner, automated lighting systems can be used to spotlight artwork or to accentuate the more discreet architectural elements in the home. Use an integrated lighting system to shine lights through glass-fronted cabinets or from beneath the lips of the counters. 

Outdoor patios, paths and pool areas can also benefit from the safety and visual appeal of advanced lighting systems. 

You no longer have to fret with switches, slides and dimmers in every room. 

Smart Climate Control

It’s critical to have a heating and cooling system that can quickly and efficiently respond to changes in the weather. 

Remote monitoring of your climate control system is simple in your daily life, if you go on a vacation, or need to leave unexpectedly. 

Once climate control is integrated into your home automation system, you’ll have instant feedback and control over every zone of your residence.

 One press on your system sets the levels you want your home to maintain while you’re away, as well as preparing the level of comfort you desire when you return home. 

Simply save energy with Smart Home Automation.

Smart Window Coverings

Smart, automated shades, blinds and curtains  add elegance, ambiance, convenience and energy efficiency to your home. 

Shading can work directly with lighting to provide added comfort and style. Or set your home on a “wake up” and “goodnight” schedule, so your lighting and shading do what you need when you need it.

We can design a shading control system that suits your home and lifestyle. 

Smart Access Control

Whether you want to integrate an electric garage door, electric gate, door lock or even security bollards we can ensure that the system is integrated with the rest of the Smart Home system to allow you both local and remote access to your property. 

When coupled with our voice CCTV, and video entry systems this truly makes your smart home even smarter

Smart User Control

The key to any smart home is the control and that’s where our systems excel.

The systems can be controlled by predetermined timers, Smartphone and tablets, wall panels, sensors (motion, light level, humidity, temperature, weather, door/window opening) , geofencing (senses a smartphone is nearby), wall switches and now voice commands.

We also ensure that the system is also easy to use for everyone so a light switch for example will still operate as a light switch so there is no need for extensive training for the occasional visitor just to turn on a light.

We can also integrate additional controls such as Harmony Universal remotes and hubs

Smart Energy

Not only do our Smart Home systems automate many aspects of daily life we also ensure that they assist with energy saving. 

We can incorporate energy monitoring into your smart home so you know exactly when, where or what is using the most energy over a given period of time.  This can be done per device, per room, per floor or for the whole property.

Smart Integration

We ensure that all parts of a Smart Home can be integrated so your home entertainment, CCTV, multi-room audio can also be run seamlessly with your other home automation elements. 

We pride ourselves on being able to integrate just about any electronic system into our Smart Home installation and have partnerships with some of the leading companies to ensure that we integrate seamlessly with their products. 

Some of our partners and products

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