Smart Video Distribution

Through our JustHDMI division we offer a comprehensive range of solutions for distributing High Definition Video (HDTV) throughout a home or business utilising the very latest technologies and leading manufacturers.

We have a produced a simple guide to the solutions below with some indicative costs. If you would like a detailed quotation or just talk through the options just drop us an email.

SolutionHDMI Splitter Over HDBaseT (Single Cat5e/6)HDMI Modulated Over RF/Coax CableHDMI Matrix Over HdBaseT (Single Cat5e/6)HDMI Over IP (single Cat5e/6) Can be used in extender splitter of matrix solutions
Distribution cable requiredSingle Cat5e/675 Ohm CoaxSingle Cat5e/6Single Cat5e/6
100MUnlimited with use of repeater100M100M
Extra FeaturesGenerally include power over Cable and Infrared supportNo requirement for receivers as uses TV’s DVB2-T Tuner so potential for unlimited TVsGenerally include power over Cable and Infrared supportGenerally include power over Cable and Infrared support
Infrared Control of sourceYes most modelsNo

Indicative examples “Whole House TV” HDMI Distribution System Prices

 HDMI Splitter Over HDBaseT
(Single Cat5e/6)
HDMI Modulated Over
RF/Coax Cable
HDMI Matrix Over HdBaseT (Single Cat5e/6)HDMI Over IP
1 source 2 TVs£729£199/£629N/A£1331
1 source 4 TVs£915£199/£629N/A£1829
1 source 8 TVs£1999£199/£629N/A£3225
2 sources 2 TVSN/A£1349N/A£1480
2 Sources 4 TVsN/A£1349£1099£2178
2 Sources 8 TVsN/A£1349£2650£3923
4 Sources 4 TVSN/A£3299£1099£2876
4 Sources 8 TVSN/A£3299£2650£4272
8 Sources 8 TVsN/A£5699£2650£5668
4 Sources 12 TVsN/A£3299POA£6017
8 Sources 12 TVsN/A£5699POA£7064
4 Sources 16 TVsN/A£3299POA£7064
8 Sources 16 TVsN/A£5699POA£8460

Prices exclude VAT and delivery and are subject to change without notice.These prices are only meant as a guide and there will be both higher cost and lower cost solutions available, and are based on solutions available from MyriadLux
The prices only include the HDMI distribution hardware and do not include IR control (if not already included) cables, electrical, cabling or building work, cabinets, aerials, configuration or other costs.

Some of our partners and products

Looking for some bargains

Besides providing solutions we also provide links to offers we have seen in each of the areas we specialise in, so if you feel that you can install yourself then here are some links for products we have tried or used and represent excellent value for money

As HDMI cable can be problematic with 4K resolutions and associated additional features over 7M we recommend Fibre HDMI cable on any install over 7M that requires or will require 4K.

On a related note do not waste money on expensive HDMI cable, any good quality properly labelled cable will work for HDMI. We have seen HDMI cable at literally £1000’s for a 5M cable that will be no better than an Amazon Basic High Speed HDMI Cable.